Saving Proposition 13
The Facts…

great state of California

In 1978, voters passed Proposition 13, the Taxpayer Protection Initiative, a groundbreaking proposition that has been protecting our homes and businesses from excessive taxation and confiscation ever since.

Before Proposition 13…

  • Some taxpayers faced property tax assessments that doubled
    in 1 year.
  • Soaring property values and prices actually threatened our citizens.
  • Seniors on fixed incomes were often the hardest hit by all this.

They simply couldn’t afford to pay more.

Fortunately, the voters passed Proposition 13 in a landslide election.

  • The vote was 65% to 35%
  • A whopping 70% voted!

It was a sonic boom of protest against economic insanity and unfair taxation. And over the past 35 years, it has saved California citizens more than $528 billion.

The never-ending war on Proposition 13

great state of California

Now Proposition 13 is under attack once again:

  • Politicians spend more of your money every year…
  • Piling up deep deficits for decades down the line…
  • With no regard for the future of our great state of California.

They are always looking for more resources to feed their voracious irresponsibility. And their number-one target right now is you.

  • Homeowners, renters and businesses will all be poorer as they raise property taxes…
  • People will lose houses; renters will be forced to seek more affordable housing; and businesses will lay off people or go bankrupt…
  • Everyone will be worse off.

That’s why I’d like to ask you to please join me by signing the Petition to Save Proposition 13.

Together we can protect our citizens, protect private property and protect our livelihood…and Save Proposition 13!


Craig A. Huey
Craig A. Huey